Gunmetal grey walls, salvaged wooden furniture and festoons of bare lightbulbs coupled with menus on clipboards and cookies in mason jars: industrial, big-city style independent eateries seem to be sweeping the British nation at the moment, but none of them seem to have gotten the décor to balance quite as well as this little café-come-bistro in the heart of Middlesbrough city centre.

This hidden gem opened in 2013 and comes as part of Middlesbrough’s move into the 21st century with their renovation of their quaint but cosmopolitan Baker Street, directly across from the mima art gallery. The team of renovators (whoever they are, chewing up the mundane, outdated, plain ‘Boro streets and spitting out a wonderfully diverse vomit of thrift shops, micropubs and bistros with a lick of graffiti to top it all off) have now set their sights on Baker Street’s sister: Bedford Street. So far, in addition to the developments on Baker Street, there are two new pubs for locals and students to frolic in and there are currently plans for an authentic Mexican food restaurant as well as a food market, which is apparently to be modelled on the Borough Market in London. AKA, The Borough comes to ‘Boro!

But let’s get back to The Baker Street Kitchen: they have a wide array of teas, coffees and cakes, the prices of which are reminiscent of the standard greasy spoon, but the flavour of which is not. They also offer breakfast and lunch food (from fish finger sandwiches to jacket potatoes to pancakes with ice cream) and own an alcohol license so you can even have a late (or early…) afternoon snifter of wine with your goats cheese and red onion chutney melt. Delicious (for the eyes as well as the tastebuds!).

The Baker Street Kitchen
Victoria House
159 Albert Road


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